Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Episode 25 Mutagenesis

Episode 25 GenCon 2019 - Mutagenesis

Spiders & slugs, and Con-crud bugs...

James - Mucousitron Rex

  • Pretty lazy right now, so here’s the deal
  • Mucousitron Rex, Slime Sorcerer of the Seven Circles and Slug God of Sagittarius A
    • 10th Level Chaotic Wizard
    • Pretty much all the spells
    • Stats are all 18’s
  • Wait, you want some mechanics? Okay how about this:
    • Mucousitron Rex can enter into any campaign in any game system. D&D 5e, Pathfinder, Savage Worlds, Cypher System. 
    • Due to his power of time and slime:
      • A) The game mechanics of that campaign automatically turn into DCCRPG
      • B) anyone who tries to face him immediately gains all of the abilities of a random zero-level character. 
    • So if Mucousitron Rex were to go into a D&D 5e campaign, and there was some super powered, min-maxed to hell 20th level ranger that tried to attack Mucousitron Rex… BOOM, now that character has the stats of a 0-level gongfarmer. 

Marc -  Fire Spiders

  • So this is a weird intersection between science and human nature. I was watching the Indy 500 earlier this year and after a crash one of the drivers jumped out and got hosed down by the fire crew. I don’t know if he was on fire or if it was preventative because as it turns out the high alcohol content Indy-car fuel burns almost invisibly in daylight.
  • This also reminded me of the seemingly natural reaction of all people to flip out when they walk into an unseen spider web (especially if its right across your face).
  • Enter the intersection of these two phenomenon: Fire Spiders!
  • Fire spiders weave near invisible webs of silk that is doped with certain chemicals. When the spiders prey touches the web it both sticks to them AND ignites with an intense by night unseeable flame.
  • The spiders themselves are large, about the size of a small cat or dog, and eat voraciously from their immolated and entrapped prey.
  • Fire Spider
    • Init: +6 Atk +3 Bite (1d8 damage, plus paralytic poison on DC 14 Fortitude), SP Fire Web (trap, 1d8 damage per round, plus entangle DC 10+ Reflex save, increase up to DC 18 depending on size of web and how much touched), HP 3d4, AC: 16, Saves Fort +3, Reflex +5, Will +2, 

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