Thursday, April 25, 2019

Episode 23 Mutagenesis

Episode 22 Dark Trails - Mutagenesis

Party reaction time, orange demons, and history buff mutants!

Guest Judge David - Pooled Initiative
  • Have a single player roll a d20 and then each player modifies that roll with their Agility & Initiative bonuses
  • Makes things quicker & keeps the party’s initiative more tightly clustered.
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James - GRITTY
  • Some call him the fun, orange new mascot of the Philadelphia Flyers. Others call him pure nightmare fuel.
  • I call him the perfect mutagenesis creation 
  • Init: +3; Atk Belly Bump +5 melee (2d7+4) or Googly Eye Laser Beams 2d16 (1d10); AC 15; HD 10d6; MV 2d4x10’/rnd as he bumbles about; Act 1d20 or 2d16 Googly Eyes; SP “Gritty’s Return”; SV Fort: +5, Ref -2, Will +2 
  • Special Rule: Gritty’s Return 
    • Whoever kills Gritty becomes the next Gritty. The player temporarily loses control of their character, and the PC forms a giant orange cocoon. This happens right then and there, almost instantly. The cocoon is impervious to all damage or energy sources. The cocoon hatches the next time the Flyers play in real life. Based on the time of year, this could be a long time. Better have a backup character. 
    • The PC gains the Belly Bump attack (with 2d7 + Str mod damage), and the Googly Eye Laser Beams. AC gains +2 but can’t wear armor. Also the weird, bumbling movement.
    • Gritty can stay in the party, but to use D&D terminology, he is Chaotic Evil. Keep that in mind 
    • If someone kills the PC, a new Gritty returns. If it isn’t another PC, use the stats above 
Marc - Invisigoths
  • What happens when a stable subgroup of mutants who all possess Holographic Skin find historical texts about the sacking of Rome?
  • Well obviously you get a rampaging horde of “barbaric” mutants who can blend into their environment which is both fun and dangerous!
  • These guys love to stage ambushes and or reconnoiter enemy camps before attacking. Either way a fiendish judge should be able to get a lot of fun use from these folks.
  • Stats
    • Init +7; Atk Sword/spear +4 melee (1d6+3), Short Bow +3 ranged (1d6+2); AC 13; HD 4d10; MV 30’; Act 1d20; SP Holographic Skin (+4); SV Fort +3, Ref +4, Will +3; AL C.