Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Episode 20 Mutagenesis

Episode 20 Module Rundown Featuring Michael Bolam - Mutagenesis

Loony toons, games of chance, quantum madness, and a "fountain" of youth...

Michael - The Experimented 
  • Background on “Of Mice and Manimals” -- Seeker crew learns of a medical base. Developed some Chosen of Zuu subfactions - The Experimented and Zuu Liberation Front. 
  • ZLF made a strike on the base, but numbers are down on both sides. Party can agree to help either or stick to themselves. 
  • Leadership of the Experimented: Punky and Brian + Dr. Human
  • Brian
    • Brian is a hyper-intelligent white mousoid bent on enhancing the manimal race through medical experimentation. He firmly believe that manimal advancement can only be achieve through science, and that you have to crack a few eggs to make an omelet. Due to his over-sized cranium and depleted body, he is forced to spend his days in a mind controlled hover-carriage. 
    • Init +0; Atk Slam melee -2 (1d3-2 dmg); AC 8; HD 5d6; HP 15; MV 5’; SP Hover Carriage; Act 1d20; SV Fort: +2, Ref: +1; Will +6
    • Hover-Carriage
      • Init: +2; Atk Hover Carriage; AC 16; MV 30’
      • Tech Level: 5 Complexity Modifier: 10
      • Protection: +8 AC;  Special: +3 Strength, Force Screen absorbs 25 hp of damage, Flight 50’; 
      • Damage: Tools 2d20-2. 1d4+1. Ramming: d20+4. 1d10
    • Tools: Fusion torch, multitool, an array of manipulative arms ending in various advanced surgical tools such as sterilization field, projectors, ultrasonic scalpels, and tissue regenerators.
    • HP: 50
    • Power: F-Pack (1 week), Q-Pack (U)
    • Mental Mutations:
      • Dual Brain (20-23): The mutant’s Intelligence score increases by +5; gains additional +3 to Willpower saves and gains 1 additional random mental mutation (already represented)
      • Heightened Intelligence (24-27): The mutant’s Intelligence score is increased by +5; Artifact checks succeed automatically up to tech level 3.
      • Mind Control (+5 to check)
    • Defects:
      • Enlarged Body Parts - Enormous Head, -2 AC (already represented)
      • Useless Body Parts - Body is underdeveloped and wracked with mutation
  • Punky
    • Punky is a giant white rat with a predilection for yelling “Snarf” prior to engaging in combat. He is completely loyal to Brian. Although he typically prefers to beat foes into submission with his giant cybernetic fists, he is capable of using a bear hug against a foe that was successfully slammed. Strength/height may be adjusted via amplimorph mutation.
    • Init +2; Atk Cybernetic Fist Slam +7 melee (1d6+5); AC 16; HD 4d8+4; HP 25; MV 20’; Act 1d20; SP bear hugs; SV Fort: +4, Ref: +2; Will +1
    • Bear hug - On a successful slam, Punky can choose to bear hug an opponent. 1d6+5 ongoing damage per round. Loses other actions besides move. Movement not hindered due to strength for human and smaller sized creatures. Movement halved for larger creatures. Bear hugged creature can make an opposed strength roll against Pinky’s 20 str (+5) to escape.
    • Physical Mutations d20+4:
      • Amplimorph 
      • Taller (20 – 10’ Tall, +5 Str)
  • Doctor Human
    • Lead medical scientist at facility. Primary responsibility is aquatics lab. Human android body - Hyper-intelligent octopus sealed in tank in chest. He has a small underwater lab/tank in the aquarium section of the facility. Depending on the time of day, alarms that may have been triggered, etc. that Dr. Human is in the tank with the body standing nearby waiting for commands.
    • Init: +2; Atk none; AC 8; HD 3d6+1; HP 12; MV 0’, Swim 25’; Act 1d20; SP Android enclosure; SV Fort +0, Ref +0, Will +6.
    • “Android-like” body:
      • Init +4; Atk slam +4 melee (1d8 or by weapon type +4); AC 13 or by armor type (+4); HD 7d6; HP 25; MV 30’; Act 1d20; SP immune to mind control (though Dr. Human can be controlled); SV Fort +4, Ref +4, Will N/A; AI recog N/A.
    • Dazer Pistol - Stun (DC 14/16/20 Fortitude save to resist); duration, 1d6 rounds
    • Mental Mutations
      • Empathy: +3 Check (pg 60)
      • Mental Shield: +3 Check (pg 69)

James - Alternate Rule! Skill Gambling (DCC or MCC)
  • While running Nothings Free in Oceanworld, we came across a challenge in which the PC’s had to haul a floating artifact from the water. Pretty heavy, and I told the players that the DC was going to be a 20 unless multiple PC’s got involved. 
  • We came up with a fun system on the fly where each 0-level character who got “anteed” into the skill challenge reduced the difficulty by 5, with the understanding that if the roll failed, the negative would affect everyone.
  • So when 4 PC’s tried to lift the floating nuclear container out of the water, it was a DC of 5 (20 for the 1st PC, 15 for 2nd, 10 for 3rd, 5 for 4th). So there was a 1 in 5 chance that all the PC’s would have the bad thing happen, which we determined was that they would be eaten by laser sharks in the water.
  • Does this make sense later on for higher level play? Maybe not.
  • But it sure was fun watching my players ante up their zero levels to figure out a challenge!

Marc - DNA Telomerizer
  • The ancient had conquered numerous wondering, and rumor has it that aging was one of them. They knew that degradation of DNA Telomerase was, in part, responsible for the effects of aging on the human body, and they developed a device that could repair and replace telomerase at the molecular genetic level. 
    • Tech Level 6
    • Complexity Modifier: 5
    • Power:
    • C-cell: 1 use
    • F-cell: 2 uses
    • Q-cell: unlimited
  • Effects: 
    • Roll 1d20+Intelligence modifier
    • 1: Horrific DNA damage - The subject suffers 1d3 attribute damage TO EACH attribute (roll the d3 separately for each attribute). This damage is permanent and cannot be repaired by further used of the DNA Telomerizer.
    • 2-13: Failure, the subject suffers DNA damage in the form of 1 point of attribute damage to 1d5 random attributes that heals normally. 
    • 14: Minimal effect. The effects of the telomerization are minor and serve to make the subject look 1d12 months younger.
    • 15-17: Minor De-aging. The subject is de-aged by 1d5 years, and recovers 1 lost attribute point.
    • 18-20: Minor De-aging and repair. The subject is de-aged by up to 2d5 years, and recovers 2 points of attribute damage or regrows a lost organ or minor limb (hand or foot).
    • 21-23: Major De-aging. The subject is de-aged by 1d10+5 years, and recovers 2 points of attribute damage or regrows a lost organ or minor limb (hand or foot).
    • 24-26: Major De-aging and repair. The subject is de-aged by up to 2d10+10 years, and recovers 4 points of attribute damage or regrows a lost organ or limb.
    • 27-29: Complete de-aging.  The subject is de-aged to their prime, roughly 20 human years. The subject also recovers 3 points of attribute damage or regrows a lost organ or limb.
    • 30-31: Complete de-aging and repair. The subject is de-aged to their prime, roughly 20 human years. The subject also recovers 6 points of attribute damage or regrows up to 2 lost organs or limbs.
    • 32+: Complete renewal. The subject is de-aged to their prime, roughly 20 human years, and all attributes are restored to their original values +1. Any and all lost limbs and organs are regrown.

Forrest - Quantum Disentangler
  • (Inspired by the death of my van after 12 good years, because eventually, everything falls apart). Even with their advanced technology, there were many mysteries yet to be solved by the Ancient Ones. The study of quantum mechanics, and particularly the idea of quantum entanglement, led to the accidental discovery of a device capable of disentangling paired particles, leading to some very strange results. If you’re wondering about quantum entanglement, google it. We could take up the whole episode on this subject, but we won’t. So, the Quantum Disentangler appears as a small black glass orb able to fit in the palm of the hand. Whenever the device is brought within 10’ of a power cell, it instantly and remotely drains the cell of all of its power. This means that any artifacts powered by those cells shut down immediately. There is no artifact roll, it just happens. The power infusion into the Quantum Disentangler is as follows:. 
    • C-Cell: enables 1 Quantum Disentanglement burst
    • F-Cell: enables 2 Quantum Disentanglement bursts
    • Q-Cell: enables 3 Quantum Disentanglement bursts
    • Note that the Quantum Disentangler will drain ALL energy from ALL power cells within range.The power cells are useless thereafter (yes, even the Q-Cell).
  • 1d10 rounds after the drain, the Quantum Disentangler begins sending out “bursts” of quantum disentanglement, at a rate of 1 burst per round until all the bursts are spent. The burst manifests to living beings as a strange feeling that something “ain’t quite right”. And, it ain’t.
  • For each burst coming from the Quantum Disentangler, a range is determined by rolling d100. This is the number of feet that the sphere of disentanglement emanates out from the Quantum Disentangler.
  • For each burst, roll d6 and consult the following
    1. All living beings in range lose half of their current hit points. This cannot kill them. The being can lose fractions of a hit point, but will never reach 0 due to the effects of the Quantum Disentangler.
    2. Any living being in range has their luck bonus or penalty reversed. +1 becomes -1, -3 becomes +3, etc. This lasts for a number of days equal to the luck score.
    3. All non-living matter in range unravels into its constituent atoms. This might result in craters full of naked people.
    4. All living beings split into two beings, each an exact duplicate of the original being, that immediately attack one another. They do not stop attacking each other until one is dead. Any hit point loss to the survivor is permanent. Their Personality score is now half of its original value.
    5. Nothing happens.
    6. An effect from an earlier round, if there was any, is instantly reversed and things are restored back to what they were before the initial change happened. If several bursts have already gone off, determine which burst is reversed randomly. Otherwise, nothing happens.