Friday, October 5, 2018

Episode 18 Mutagenesis

Episode 18 Using Appendix M - Mutagenesis

Killer Locusts, super sledges, and a terrifying stuffed bear...

James - Unlucky Stealth Hopper
    • Had to postpone a vlog because almost in a car accident due to a grasshopper in my car.
    • Someone said I needed to include it on Glowburn
    • Here goes
      • Init +5; Bite NA; AC 15; HD 1d4; MV 10’; Act Special; SP On the Stealth Hopper’s turn, the target must make a DC 15 Will save or be forced to make a Fumble check at +1d. SV Fort -1; Ref +5; Will +0. 
      • Also the Unlucky Stealth Hopper has Hide in Shadows at a +8.
      • Also it has the Temporary Invulnerability Mutation. Because they can’t be killed.
      • They can never be killed. 

    Marc - Super Sledge!
    • Fans if the Fallout series hopefully already know this one. 
    • The Super Sledge is a tech upgraded version of a sledgehammer. In Fallout it has a trigger on the handle that activates a rocket engine in the back of the hammer’s head giving additional force and speed to the strike. 
    • Rocket weapon technology is actually something that came out of the Great Disaster and was invented by the ancients who survived that time as a means of survival. As such it is remarkably simple for an artifact.
    • For the standard Super Sledge I’d use the following:
      • TL: 3
      • CM: 1 
      • 2 handed weapon
      • 1d10 damage
      • Artifact effect: when the trigger is pulled the rocket on the back of the hammer’s head will propel it forward with great force and speed, granting +1d to attack rolls.
      • If the user double taps the trigger (only an option if they have the “fully understood” result on the artifact table, or if they specifically try it) they gain a +1d to damage as well dealing 1d12 damage.
      • The rocket uses a standard C-cell and a fully charged C-cell has enough power for 30 standard uses. A double tap uses two charges.
      • A fumble when using a Super Sledge gains +1d (or +2d on a double tap) to the normal fumble die.

    Forrest - Boo Phear (Lesser Entity)
    • Inspired by the movie Christopher Robin, just to prove that you can find inspiration ANYWHERE - Boo Phear (Lesser Entity)
    • A pear-shaped, honey-colored, living stuffed bear with inscrutable goals. Written here as an creature/NPC hybrid.
      • Stats:
        • Strength: 6
        • Agility: 5
        • Stamina: 8
        • Personality: 20
        • Intelligence: 5
        • Luck: 20
      • Spd: 10
      • AC: 10
      • HP: 500
      • Abilities
        • Gains 1d10 luck for every point of luck spent.
        • Regenerates 1d10 luck per day.
        • Always wins initiative because of the the shock that comes with the realization that this is a cute, living, stuffed bear that corrupts all around it.
        • It has one attack: confusion to all who hear it speak such inane and insane platitudes as: “Doing nothing is the best way to do something” or “My favorite day is Today”. Those who hear this ridiculousness must make a DC 18 Will save. Those who fail the save roll a d8 and consult the following table:
          • 1. The character lights their own hair on fire and runs away screaming for 2d4 rounds.
          • 2. The character lights someone else’s hair on fire.
          • 3. The character falls to their knees and stares into the void of the meaningless of existence for 2d6 rounds. They are unable to cast spells, use psionics, or use mental mutations for a further 1d4 rounds after this.
          • 4. The character runs away at top speed for 2d7 rounds screaming “Hunnee! Hunnee!” Note that the character will not stop for any obstacles, but will try to run through doors, claw through walls, run off cliffs, run into raging rivers, etc.
          • 5. As 4, but the person runs for 2d8 rounds screaming “the Woozles are coming to eat me!” Judges are encouraged to encourage players to actually act this out for verisimilitude. 
          • 6. The character attacks the nearest person, using all available means to harm them, while screaming “Heffalump! Heffalump!” This effect lasts for 2d10 rounds.
          • 7. The character attacks everyone possible within a 100’ radius for 2d12 rounds screaming “Oh, bother!”. Targets are chosen randomly and change each round.
          • 8. The character becomes a mind-slave to Boo Phear for 2d14 hours and must obey Boo Phear’s every whim. Boo Phear will probably cause you to kill your friends, and maybe yourself, in the most silly ways possible.
      • Weaknesses
        • Boo Phear is distracted by honey. Once he eats all the honey, there will be hell to pay.