Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Episode 24 Mutagenesis

Episode 24 Hex Crawls - Mutagenesis

Party bugs, chugs, and food stuffs!

Guest Judge Reid - A.N.D.: Alien Nurishment Device

  • A 6” cube with an asymmetrical, unlabeled touchpad on one side and an extrusion port with button on the opposite side. 
  • Activating the device is quite simple: just point the extrusion port downward and press the button next to it. Then it will produce 1d3+1 meals worth of foamy nutrient porridge. 
  • The touch pad controls all of the settings, including flavor selection and the base source for the cube to draw raw materials for its food production (originally, nutrient vats located aboard a spacecraft). If the settings are not tuned correctly, it will produce flavors at random (including unpalatable, extraterrestrial flavors) and have a 66% of drawing the necessary raw materials from a random organic source within 100’ (causing 1 point of Stamina damage per serving generated).
  • The A.N.D. will function up to six times within any 24 hour period. If over use is attempted, the cube will become unresponsive until the proper amount of time has passed. 

James - Crystal Pepsi

  • A very special beverage after receiving high doses of radiation from the great disaster
  • Upon drinking at least 12 oz of Crystal Pepsi, the user can “Crystal Burn” their stat pools
  • For an hour, each point of Crystal Burn to Strength, Stamina, or Agility allows a +1d3 bonus to any stealth related tasks as the user becomes more invisible…hence the crystal effect 

Marc - Time Flies

  • Giant mutant insects are already a thing in the book (look up devils)
  • But what about NON-giant mutant insects?
  • I mean, like, other than mouse-quitos…
  • Like what happens when a fly gains the ability to bite somebody and send them forward in time?
  • Time Flies! HA!
    • AC 20 (seriously, swatting temporally actives flies is HARD), 1 HP
    • Attack +5, Deal 1 point of damage and send target 1 minute into the future...

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