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Episode 9 Mutagenesis

Episode 9 Patron of the Post-Apocalypse - Mutagenesis

Biotech is a wonderful thing....

James - Organimauls
  • I wanted to come up with something weird and post apocalyptic that wasn’t quite an artifact, and perhaps easier to comprehend, but with other risks for use.  So there was a series of PlayStation, PC, and XBOX games called OddWorld.  Not really post apocalyptic (but weird and alien to the point where there were a lot of similar themes, especially one of ecological disaster and exploitation over nature.)  In one game in particular, Oddworld, Stranger’s Wrath, the player (called The Stranger) could fire small creatures at bad guys, launched from a crossbow.  
  • So I got the idea for this month’s Mutagenesis of some creatures that either evolved or were bred to be used as weapons or as part of weapons:  Organimauls.
  • Organimauls may be safer to use than Artifacts, but they still need coaxing to work, and to be fed.  But if treated properly, they can be brutal in combat.
    • PC’s wanting to employ an Organimaul must make a Personality check with a DC of 10+ ½ the weapon’s max damage (rounded down) each morning.  
    • Manimals get a +4 to this roll
    • They must also feed the Organimaul once a day as well, and each weapon takes a half-ration of food
    • The Original Organimaul was literally a giant sledgehammer haft with a great beetle “organiforged” (don’t ask) onto the end of the weapon.  When swung, the beetle would bite.  Here are some examples
      • Original Organimaul:  1d10 dmg (2 handed), because the beetle wings always fluttering, the weapon feels lighter and the PC can roll a d20 instead of a d16 for two handed weapon initiative.
      • Bumble Bola:  1d4 dmg, range 10/20/30, target must make a reflex save vs. the attack roll or fall prone as they are stung by the bumble bola stingers (DC 5 Fortitude Save, or suffer an allergic reaction taking an additional 1d4 damage)
      • Shark Sword:  1d8 dmg, if the attacker misses by 1 or 2, the shark mouth still gets off a bite causing 1d5 damage)
    • There is a drawback to the Organimauls.  Should the PC fumble, the organimaul gets aggravated.  On a fumble roll higher than a 4, the PC is also bit by the weapon for 1d4 damage.

Forrest - Shockroaches
  • Inspired by Bob “The Voice” Brinkman’s roach horde (episode 8)
  • Yes, radiation-resistant hordes of cockroaches are terrifying, to be sure. But what could be more horrifying than a horde of cockroaches except . . . a single cockroach? Well, if that single cockroach is a specimen of the dreaded SHOCKROACH species, it might be just as well to run far, far away. 
  • The Shockroach is calm unless threatened or really, really hungry. But shockroaches are rarely hungry, as they usually have plenty of rotting meat laying around that they can snack on. Their limited telekinesis makes it easy for them to put bodies up on meat-hooks or to tuck them in the basement under the floorboards. 
  • But if one should threaten a shockroach, say, by trying to squash it, the shockroach shows why it has developed its reputation. The shockroach, though puny and weak, is very fast and difficult to hit. If you can hit it first, you’re likely going to be okay, but if you miss it or it the shockroach gets the jump on you, brace yourself. 
    • The shockroach emits an electrical shock field 10’ in diameter that causes 3d10  of electrical damage to those failing a DC 18 Fortitude save. 
      • Those making the save only suffer ½ damage, but this is usually enough for even a seasoned seeker to become just another lump on the meat pile, cooked just right.
    • Thankfully, shockroaches are usually only encountered one at a time. Usually . . . 
      • [Shockroach: INIT +4; ATK: SP; AC 19; HD: 1 HP; MV 40’, ACT: 1d20; SP: Electrical shock, 10’ radius 3x/day, 3d10 damage or DC 18 Fort save for ½ damage. Immune to electricity and radiation; SV: Fort +10, Ref +6, Will +10]
Judge Jim Wampler - Hydro-reclimator
  • Kilra's Glow Dice Preview: Hydro-reclimator
    • Tech Level: 6
    • Complexity Modifier: 10
    • Range: 60'
    • Damage: 3d6 + DC 10 Fortitude save or be dehydrated into chemical dust
    • Special: Every 10 HP of damage inflicted can be consumed to heal 1d6 HP of damage.

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