Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Episode 15 Mutagenesis

Episode 15 Great Disasters - Mutagenesis

Featuring two movies that will survive the end of days...

James - Sacred Shard of Armageddon
  • For the 200th anniversary of the acclaimed movie Armageddon starring Bruce Willis, Liv Tyler, and Ben Affleck, the movie was AI-infused Holographically Remastered.
  • To do this, brain cells from all the deceased actors were taken, and then transformed into self aware AI holographs. They were in turn forced to re-create Armageddon, and then later were forced to do live versions of the show on tour around the world. 
  • So each Sacred Shard has an AI version of one of the characters from the movie, rolled at random on a d12:
    • 1 Bruce Willis as Harry S. Stamper
    • 2 Billy Bob Thornton as Dan Truman
    • 3 Liv Tyler as Grace Stamper
    • 4 Ben Affleck as A.J. Frost
    • 5 Will Patton as Chick
    • 6 Peter Stormare as Lev Andropov
    • 7 Keith David as General Kimsey
    • 8 Owen Wilson as Oscar
    • 9 William Fichtner as Colonel Willie Sharp
    • 10 Steve Buscemi as Rockhound
    • 11 Michael Clarke Duncan as Bear
    • 12 Roll twice, and combine both into a horrible, self aware amalgamation of both.
  • Mechanics
    • Tech Level 3
    • Complexity Level 1 (really easy to use)
    • Range: Special (The holograph is medium sized like a typical PSH, and can only move up to 2’ away from the shard.
    • Power: C-Cell (2d7 hours), F-Cell (2d7 days), Q-Cell (U)
  • So, what does it do? Well, quite literally, a fully self-aware version of that character from the movie appears. They know everything they would know from the movie, and can offer tips and tactics to that end. 
  • So maybe your character has the Harry Stamper shard. Well, that means a life size, holograph of Bruce Willis appears. How does that affect your game? That’s up to you. 
  • Black Mirror meets a Michael Bay movie.  

Marc - Graboids!
  • Because somehow new Tremors movies keep coming like worms on your lawn after a heavy rain…
  • But at some point in the pre-pocalypse world it became cheaper to genetically engineer some actual graboids and then pit them against real people in a weird reality TV survival show.
  • Unknown years later those creatures have mutated into even more monstrous and lethal creatures. These are not for the faint of heart
    • Hit Dice: 8d8, avg HP 40
    • AC: 16, Init +5; Atk bite +8 melee (1d10); or Drag Under Special +4 
    • MV 60’ subterranean only; Act 2d20; SP Drag Under, Tremorsense; SV Fort +4, Ref +1, Will +3.
    • Tremorsense: The graboid “sees” by sensing any movement and impact on the ground in a 360 degree around them. 
    • Drag Under: If a graboid successfully attacks with a bite on it’s first action in a round it may make a special drag under attack against the target’s strength. If successful the target is dragged below ground and immediately takes an additional 1d14 damage.

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