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Episode 7 Mutagenesis

Episode 7 Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy - Mutagenesis

Weather and weapons of the ancients...

James - El’s Devourer 
  • A tribute to “El’s Drinker” from the Shattered Lands PC game by SSI, the first (and best!) Dark Sun computer role-playing game.
    • El’s Drinker was originally a sword with the vampiric touch spell working through it.
    • My Elven Ranger/Mage wielded that blade viciously in combat!
    • El’s Devourer is the darker cousin to El’s Drinker
  • What appears to be a bone battle axe (could be 1d8 or 1d10 damage, however Battle Axes work in your games).  Does not do traditional +1 or +2 to hit or damage… much more sinister.
    • After the killing blow is made, if the wielder leaves the weapon in the victim overnight, it absorbs the life force of the person killed, akin to “Defiling magic”
    • What is left the next morning is a pile of ash and El’s Devourer.
    • The wielder can choose to “expend” one soul worth of life energy in any attack.  Doing so gives the wielder, no matter the class, an “additional” 1d5 Deed Die that can be used like a traditional Deed Die.  If a Warrior, this total is added to their level’s deed die.  If not a warrior, they use it like a regular deed die.  
    • The life energy is expended whether or not the strike succeeds.
    • El’s Devourer can store the life energy of up to seven souls at any given time.  
    • Unlike other weapons made with inferior materials such as bone, El’s Devourer cannot break when imbued with the life force of at least one victim.  

Forrest - Micro-climate generator
  •  Inspired by this picture: 

  • Micro-Climate Generators were used by the Ancient Ones for a variety of purposes: mental health therapy, entertainment, setting a mood, growing plants, training exercises for outdoorsmen and military personnel, and so forth.
  • The Micro-Climate Generator appears as a golf-ball sized crystal ball inside of which tiny clouds repeatedly condense and dissipate. As one manipulates the orb by turning it and rubbing it with one’s fingers, a 20’ diameter spherical zone is created in which the climate is altered. The appearance of the area may also be altered, to a limited extent. 
    • Though seemingly simple, this ancient device is incredibly complex, fragile, and sensitive with a tech level of 5 and complexity level of 16.
    • Power Cell: C-Cell (10 charges), F-Cell (20), U-Cell (Unlimited)
    • Spending 1 charge allows one to do any of the following. Any of these may be combined, so long as they are not mutually exclusive. Sudden shifts in temperature or weather might have undesired effects, which should be determined by the Judge. The effect lasts for 5 minutes and travels with the person holding the Generator. Note that this might leave a trail of water behind the holder, for example, if she has generated precipitation within the sphere:
    • Raise or lower temperature 10 degrees Fahrenheit; create small clouds (can be multiplied up to 5 charges, which fills the entire area with fog); create trace precipitation (can be multiplied up to 5 charges, which causes a torrential downpour or a blizzard in the area of effect, depending on the chosen temperature); cause aridity (can be multiplied up to 5 charges which will leave all within severely dehydrated and needing medical attention); cause moon, stars, and comets to appear within the area of effect; cause sunshine to appear within the area of effect; cause a rainbow to appear in the area of effect. 

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