Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Episode 16 Mutagenesis

Episode 16 Mutations of Terra A.D. Mutagenesis
Cyber-centaurs, Mighty Deeds of Artifacts, and a Quantum Holographic Projector Belt....

James - Cyber-centaurs
  • Cyber Centaur and Human Centaur-Pede… not sure. 
    • Why not BOTH! 
  • Original Centaur in DCC kinda meh 
    • Fast with two attacks, a hoof, and a bow 
    • Some fun mods to make Centaurs more Centaurific in your MCC game 
    • Start with the base stats on page 398 of the DCC corebook. Yes, I know this is an MCC podcast, but if you don’t have DCC, do yourself a favor, and go get it now. Seriously, pause the podcast and do it. 
    • Done? Great.
  • Cyber Centaur: 
    • New AC is 18, and as a special attack, the Cyber Centaur has a Domination Ray as per Page 69 of the MCC rulebook. Yeah, it’s just a mutation, but it’s great for Cyber Centaurs. It’s like a Borg or Cyberman vibe. 
  • Human Centaur-Pede: 
    • This would be 3 centaurs connected via the gastric system by a certain doctor found only in the wastelands 
    • 3 centaurs connect that way would be pretty unwieldy. So same stats of a Centaur for everything except HP (6d8 instead of 2d8), AC (7, really easy to hit), but 6d14 action dice. These dudes are just furious for being connected this way and have a lot of hoofin’ to do at your PC’s. 
    • Maybe give it a mutation? Or better yet, give all the parts of the Centaur Pede a mutation? 
  • Seriously, take whatever you want from DCC, add one mutation, and there you go. 

Marc - Mighty Deeds of Artifacts!
  • Yes, that’s right, Mighty Deeds … of Artifacts! I think I’m actually going to test bed this in my monthly game, but the idea is that a Sentinel using an artifact already gets a bonus die, I’m not seeing any downside to allowing them to declare a Mighty Deed that uses that artifact (e.g. a ricochet shot with a gauzer pistol, or trying to melt a lock with a laser rifle). Just like in DCC a 3+ result on the Sentinel’s artifact die would declare success of the deed in some degree. 
  • It’s simple enough I think, and will help Sentinel’s shine so long as they are using artifacts (which also will incentivize them to use artifacts). 
  • So the basics here are: 
    • The deed must be related to an artifact weapon or armor used by the sentinel! 
    • The Sentinel's Artifact die must come up a 3+ for the deed to happen! 
    • The attack (or other action) must also succeed! 
    • The Artifact die does not add to damage (unlike a Warrior's deed die) this is expected to be offset by the higher damage output of artifact weapons. 

Forrest - Quantum Holographic Projector Belt 
  • Tech Level: 4 Complexity Modifier: 4 Range: Special Power: C-Cell (20), F-Cell (40), U-Cell (U). 
  • This belt, when activated, projects a perfect holographic image of the wearer up to 100’ away. The projection is not blocked by matter or electronic interference. The projected image exactly mirrors the wearer’s every move. The image can pick up nearby physical objects and manipulate them, but cannot make actions that emanate from the belt-wearer’s *being*. Thus, the image could pick up and throw a rock, so long as the wearer initiates the action as if he was physically where the image is now. But the image could not, for example, use Gas Generation, though the image could *appear* as if it was generating gas. 
  • And, of course your players will ask: what if the image is attacked? The effects of quantum entanglement kick in, and the wearer *might* be affected. If the image is attacked, the wearer of the belt must make a Will save, with results as follows: 
    • Save roll is 15+ - no effect to image or wearer 
    • Save roll is 12-15 - image wavers and shimmers, giving away the fact that it is not physically present 
    • Save roll is 9-12 - image disappears and must be restarted, using another charge, if the belt wearer wants to continue using the image 
    • Save roll is 6-8 - image disappears and quantum entanglement feedback stuns the belt wearer for 1d6 rounds, during which he may do nothing but focus on recovering from the stunning effect 
    • Save roll is 2-7 - image disappears and quantum entanglement feedback stuns the belt wearer for 2d10 rounds, as well as doing 1d3 hit points of damage to the wearer 
    • Save roll is 1 - the image and the wearer “coalesce”. The wearer is still a physical being, but with all physical statistics cut in half - Strength, Agility, and Stamina are all permanently cut in half. All hit points are permanently cut in half. He or she feels only partially “present”, which has a deleterious effect on Personality, cutting that score in half, as well. Any further attempt at using the belt by a character in this condition causes a quantum implosion, destroying the character and doing 2d20 points of damage to all within a 30’ radius. 
  • Marc's suggestion: Instead of a Will save use an Artifact check...

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