Thursday, August 9, 2018

Episode 13 Mutagenesis

Episode 13 Plumbing the PSH Part I - Mutagenesis

Tongue planted firmly in cheek this episode...

James - Furburning
  • Okay, this is a bit of a rehash, with some additional hashed MEAT.
  • Something I first cooked up in my “Dead Mice - Mouse Guard meets DCCRPG” quick conversion on my blog
  • Inspired by the Mouse Guard comic books & RPG, since i’m reading them to my son Cooper (who is 7).
  • Burning wheel [RPG] burns my brain
  • Furburning is something that Manimals can do to “burn” themselves back to a more animalistic state, by sacrificing their Intelligence in order to do animalistic things:
  • The original Mouse Guard RPG has a "Raw Ability" called Nature.  The higher the PC's "Nature (Mouse)", the more feral and actually mouselike they appear.  I wanted to capture this element, allowing PC's to embrace their animalistic nature when it can help them survive.  But it comes with great cost!
  • In my original notes, a Mouse PC could elect to temporarily "burn" their Intelligence ability to gain a positive modifier to the following:
    • Climbing
    • Hiding
    • Reflex Saving Throws
  • I’d say that players could work with their Judge to figure out ahead of time what would make more sense for their PC. So perhaps a Wolf Manimal would have:
    • Sense of Smell (bonus to search for something with their nose)
    • Running (+5’ per point of expenditure)
    • Fortitude Saving Throws (cuz dogs can eat anything)
  • These spent points are regained at a rate of 1 per day.  During the time that the character’s Intelligence is reduced, they can be seen acting in a much more primitive state, perhaps even forgetting some of their actual self.

Forrest - Tinfoil Helmet
  • Okay, so the tinfoil helmet doesn’t *actually* have to be tinfoil. But seeing that it was invented by conspiracy-theory loving mad scientists, it should be goofy. For example:
  • But the goofiness, while incurring a -1 to PER when worn, serves a purpose. These rare artifacts allow the wearer to dampen or prevent the effects of some mental attacks: A useful thing for poor, defenseless PSHs in a world full of mutants! A C-Cell gives the device 10 charges, and F-Cell 20, and a U-Cell unlimited. It is Tech Level 4, Complexity Modifier 6. The wise PSH who wears this will learn that by manipulating knobs, twisting dials, and even hitting oneself upside the head, the Tinfoil Helmet can protect one as follows:
    • 1 Charge - Add +2 to any Will save against Mind Control or Mental Blast
    • 2 Charges - Move the result of a Mind Control or Mental Blast one step down. For example, a mutant uses Mind Control against the wearer, with a mutation check result of 23. Expending 2 charge from the Tinfoil Helmet will push the result lower on the chart to the 18-19 range.
    • 5 Charges - Acts as a d20 Mental Shield. Glowburn is not allowed, as a PSH can’t glowburn.
    • 10 Charges - Acts as a d20 Mental Reflection. Glowburn is not allowed, as a PSH can’t glowburn.
  • This artifact was built by and for PSHs, or something evolutionarily close to PSHs. Mutants, Manimals, or Plantients who attempt to use the Tinfoil Helmet will suffer an immediate mental feedback which causes 4d6 of damage and knocks the wearer unconscious for 1d4 hours.

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